Aloha ʻĀina. ʻĀina Aloha


Meet Ka’apuni

Growing up in a Hawaiian household taught me the foundational value of mālama. To care for those that can not care for themselves and for those that do not have a voice.
I have the kuleana
(responsibility and privilege) to advocate for our people so that we can mālama our community in many aspects.
Malama nā keiki.
Less than a quarter of high school graduates in our district graduate at a ‘satisfactory’ level. The children of our community deserve so much more and a as a community we can do something about it!
Mālama ke kanaka.
When our community graduates it’s next generation, those new adults should be able to live on Maui and that means access to high quality jobs and a living wage.
Malama ka `āina.
Trust in our government erodes with each coming moon. When our sacred places do not get the respect that they deserve, our community suffers. Together we can bring a holistic and sustainable approach to our `āina so the next generations can enjoy the natural luxuries that we currently use.
Malama nā `ohana.
The families of our community deserve a safe home so that they can focus on raising the next generation of leaders. As a homesteader, I know the significance of working with DHHL to improve the supply of truly affordable homes.